Overture Technologies Acquires AlumniFidelity

Acquisition Brings Together Powerful Combination of Student Loan Marketplace and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software

June 4, 2015 (Bethesda, MD) – Overture Technologies, the leading provider of automated decisioning technology for higher education finance, (www.overturecorp.com), today announced its acquisition of AlumniFidelity, a pioneer of peer-to-peer fundraising software for universities, private secondary schools, and nonprofits. When fully deployed, the acquisition will expand the capability of Overture’s Student Loan Marketplace (“SLMP”) providing its users with additional fundraising options. For example, users may employ peer-to-peer fundraising for a wide variety of purposes, including prior to taking out a student loan in order to reduce overall need, or during repayment to offset student loan debt. Similarly, users will be able to leverage the fundraising tools to help with incidental costs while in school for items like books, lab fees and study abroad expenses.

“The acquisition of AlumniFidelity allows Overture to continue to add value to students and their families as they make one of the more important investment decisions in their lives,” said LeRoy Pingho, Chair & CEO, Overture Technologies, Inc. “Especially with the rapid growth of interest in peer-to-peer lending, we are confident that these types of capabilities will fully differentiate Overture’s SLMP in this industry.”

“Our initial reason for launching AlumniFidelity was to bring peer-to-peer fundraising to the university market in order to democratize fundraising for higher education,” said Will Marlow, co-founder of AlumniFidelity. “The combination of AlumniFidelity and Overture will allow that initial vision to expand in scope and impact.” David Andrukonis, co-founder of AlumniFidelity added, “It’s exciting to see the vision of AlumniFidelity expanded to reach students who are looking for ways to make higher education attainable.”

About Overture Technologies

Overture Technologies is the leading provider of mortgage as well as higher-education funding solutions. Overture’s products in the higher-education funding industry help students and their families save money by making better and fully informed financial decisions. Overture helps students create comprehensive plans for financing their education, as well as source competitive rates on private student loans through a marketplace of national lenders, credit unions and other not-for-profit organizations. The company is based in Bethesda, Maryland. For more information, visit www.overturecorp.com.