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The Gianni Manganelli Memorial Scholarship is now at an endowment stage - the fund has $26,163.53 - earning interest to be used to support Embry-Riddle students in Gianni's memory.  Additionally, Gianni's Scholarship has now supported two promising Embry-Riddle students.  Thank you to those who have made a gift in memory of Gianni Manganelli.  Your generosity will continue in perpetuity.   

Gifts in memory of Gianni continue to be accepted as the Manganelli Family intends to grow this fund over time.  Please consider making another gift or plan for gifts on an annual basis. 

You are welcome to make your gift via this website or checks will be accepted at:

Embry-Riddle Prescott
Office of Development
3700 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ 86301

This fund was established to honor the life of GianMaria Manganelli, who tragically passed away on June 18th, 2011. Gianni touched the lives of many people with his gentle nature, warmth and sense of humor. He was not only a wonderful person, but he was also a great pilot, and an incredible flight instructor.

Although Gianni had many hobbies and activities in life, his one true passion was aviation. Through this scholarship, Gianni's memory will continue to live on, and allow other Embry-Riddle students to pursue their dreams. 

2011-2012 Gianni Manganelli Memorial Scholarship recipient:

Mr. Julior E. Marroquin

Hometown - Compton, CA
Aeronautical Science - major
Air Traffic Control - minor
ERAU Hawaii Club and Intramural Soccer Team
Julior is currently pursuing his goal, flying as a commercial pilot.
2012-2013 Gianni Manganelli Memorial Scholarship recipient:


Mr. Alexander Parrish

Hometown - Jeffersonville, Indiana
Aeronautical Science - major
ERAU Swim Bike Run club and Cycling Club
A note from Alex Parrish on his background and career goals:

"I feel honored to be the recipient of the Gianni Manganelli Scholarship this year. I have been flying since I was a little kid and have enjoyed it ever since that first day in the plane turning the yoke to make turns and descents. I will never forget that day on June 6, 1997. I am not really sure about what began my admiration to become a pilot. My parents and I lived on the approach end of Louisville International as a child and in that area ever since. Watching the planes late at night would spark my interest and I would wonder where the plane was going or coming from. I was amazed and the desire to fly and become a pilot began to grow within me.

I am currently a sophomore at the Prescott campus pursuing my dream after working full time to help my family for a few years after graduating high school. After everything was situated and in order I reapplied to Embry Riddle. I am now chasing the dream of being a professional pilot. Here at Embry Riddle, I have become a very active member within the Swim Bike Run club. The club supports an active lifestyle and helps people learn about the triathlon sport. In previous semesters we have held bike workshops in the outside amphitheater to fix and tune bicycles that people have on campus. As of right now Robert Auchincloss and I are starting a cycling specific club that will also compete in the United States of America Cycling Collegiate races in the Southwest Conference.    

My ultimate aviation dream is to fly medical evacuation in Africa or Australia. My goal as a pilot is to help give medical relief to people in remote locations. Companies will also offer delivery of needed supplies to these remote locations. As a child I wanted to fly but did not know what type of flying to pursue. My mother and grandmother are nurses. I feel that helping someone get to the hospital quickly and saving their life is in my family genes. I feel that the connection with the medical and aviation careers is a good fit for me, and ultimately what I aspire to do."


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